Vicente Lauria Neto

Vincente is a physiotherapist and a certified Padovan therapist.  He is a qualified posturologist and the director of the Padovan Centre for education and neurofunctional reorganisation. He is also a teacher with international experience for Pro-Sinapse – Metodo Padovan.



Lorena Salerno

Lorena is a qualified physiotherapist registered with HCPC. She has been working in the field of neuro rehabilitation for over 16 years. She is certified Padovan therapist with over 10 year of experience. She has successfully treated mostly adult with neurological condition especially those with severe acute or chronic conditions, such as those with disturbance of consciousness and with tracheostomy.

Her training include: F.O.T.T. (Facial Oral Tract Therapy) with ARCOS ( 2008 and 2011),  introductory course modules of The Bobath Concept (2012) with BBTA, the realtionship between posture and the cranio-vertebro-mandibular system  with SEFO (2014) and Craniosacral Therapy 1 with Upledger Institute (2017).

She travelled to Brazil many times to work together with high specialised Padovan therapists in different settings, such as children, elderly, neo-natal and severe neurological patients.

She is based in Brighton and she is the UK coordinator for the Padovan Method® training in collaboration with Pro-Synapse. She is supervisor for the UK trainees as well as for patients/parents.

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Tel +44 7765595618

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