Beatriz Padovan

Speech and language therapist and Padovan Method® Founder

Beatriz Padovan

Beatriz Padovan is a speech and language therapist. She developed the Padovan Method® while she was working as teacher at the Waldorf’s school in the early 70s.

Beatriz began her research and studied to become a speech and language therapist, and deepened her knowledge of the oral function by studying and teaching at San Paolo University for Orthodontia for seven years. This allowed her to create the oral motricity exercises.

She is currently a member of a great number of associations in Brazil: Speech Therapy (ABF), Dyslexia (ABD), Cranio-Oro-Cervical Physio-pathology (ABFCOC), Orthopaedics of the Maxillas (ABOM), Infantile Neuropsychiatry (ABENEPI), Neuropsychology (SBNp).


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