Padovan Method

The most versatile holistic therapeutic approach

The Padovan Method® of Neuro-Functional Reorganisation (N.F.R) is a natural, holistic, hands-on therapy. It is based on the physiological developmental stages (rolling, creeping, crawling, walking) of the human being, in order to stimulate and re-organise the Nervous System pathway. The aim of Padovan Method® is to reorganize neurological circuits responsible for various human activities through specific stimulations. In order to restore functions that are lost, or impaired, but also to train intact functions to achieve full potential and wellbeing. The Padovan Method® training program includes a total of five modules and it is designed for healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

Training Program - MODULE I 3rd-6th May 2018


  • Dad, London

    "I am looking for a Padovan therapist in London. My ten years old daughter started the exercises last summer in Spain, but back at home in London she needs a practitioner. She suffers from a mild congenital myopathy."

  • Mom, North London

    "Our 11 years old son has done a lot of progress...but we are not yet where we want to be...Now he is 100% better. We still have to keep going but there is no comparison to what he was. (Aspergers Syndrome)."

  • Dad, South London

    "Our 22 months old son has Down Syndrome. For about a year now he has been getting Padovan Therapy in Germany and we would love to continue here in London."


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